Friday, July 19, 2013

The New Totnes

Almost four months in the making, it is here at last...The New Totnes.
One track from every album Chris and I purchased on our honeymoon, the majority of which was purchsed at Drift Records in Totnes and the rest which were purchased at Rough Trade East in London*.
There is some good stuff, some great stuff, some stuff you'll hate, some stuff you'll...probably not hate as much and a lot of stuff you've probably never heard before.
And, obviously, some Nine Inch Nails.


1. Joe Meek and the Blue Men - "Valley Of The Saroos" - from I Hear A New World
I...this might not really dig this, but I can almost guarantee it'll be the most interesting thin you hear today.

2. John Grant - "GMF" - from Pale Green Ghosts
It was tough to just pick one track of this amazing album. Yes, yes, I went with the easy choice.
It's still a great song though.
See if you don't find yourself humming this while you're not paying attention.
If you enjoy this, I recommend "Ernest Borgnine", "It Doesn't Matter To Him" and "I Hate This Town".

3. Herve - "Gold (feat. Maria Minerva)" - from The Art Of Disappearing
Nothing to add, really, it's just a nice, mellow song, one of my favorites from the album.
4. Young Magic - "Slip Time" - from Melt
There were some unique tracks on this, but this one stands out above the rest. There's a lot of cool textures and depth to this one. If you like this, then you'll probably dig the album as well.

5. DJ Mink - "Hey Hey! Can U Relate?" - from Warp 10+2 Classics 89-92
This album was my only musical regret (not including Dirty Beaches, that was Christina's mistake to make). This is the ONLY track that stands out in any way and it's a remix. The idea that THIS was the label Aphex Twin was on...mind boggling...
But, on its own, this is a pretty fun track. It just might make you move your ass.

6. Damon Albarn - "The Apple Carts" - from Dr. Dee
I love the way things evolve and come together on this. If would fit perfectly into any Gorillaz album...about 15th century alchemists.

7. Serge Gainsbourg - "Chez Le Ya-Ya" - from Initials S.G.
This guy fucked.
A lot.
I don't speak French, but I assume this song was made to listen to before, during and/or after some fuckin'.
The title, literally, means "The House of Ya-Ya".
Take from that what you will.

8. Steve Mason - "Fire!" from Monkeys Mind In The Devil's Time
One of the only tracks that really jumped out at me. It didn't jump very far, but it isn't bad.

9. David Bowie - "Dead Against It" - from The Buddha of Suburbia
Although the intro might be a tad on the long side, it's David Bowie, and therefore you will sit quietly and listen.
Unless you don't like David Bowie...which would be...just weird.
Seriously though, I dig the brightness and warmth in Bowie's voice on this track. If someone had noticed this album had been released, this may have made it onto a Best Of or three.

10. Atoms For Peace - "Dropped" - from AMOK
This whole album is amazing, but this one stands out; the way it unfolds is what really does it for me. It's like walking through a garden of robot flowers as they blossom before you. And then Thom Yorke is singing.
Just like that.

11. Dirty Beaches - "Good Bye Edmonton" - from Water Park OST
I picked the shortest and most interesting track off this sleepy little turd that I could and tucked it between two really good songs. Don't worry, it's almost over.

12. Deptford Goth - "Guts No Glory" - from Life After Defo
This is the best song on a really solid album. It deals with loss in a soft and beautiful yet persistently tragic fashion. I highly recommend the album, as it all shares vibes with this track.

13. TV On The Radio - "Shout Me Out" - from Dear Science
I like where this starts and I love where this goes. Join in the celebration.

14. David Bowie - "I'd Rather Be High" - from The Next Day
The open and airy feel of this belies the anger Bowie is expressing about the war efforts.
Just thought you should know that. Still a solid track from the latest Bowie album.

15. Purity Ring - "Lofticries" - from Shrines
A beautiful and spooky track with some pretty unsettling lyrics. They make things a bit chilly...

16. Gary Numan - "Dead Sun Rising" - from Dead Son Rising
Unless you're a fan of Gary Numan, you're probably going to hate his voice. That plus the epic, dusty nature of this track...well, this is not for everyone. But I love the story here, and I'd love to know more about the narrator. "I've watched gods bleeding / I've watched worlds burn / I've watched stars falling / and I watched the dead sun rising."

17. Nine Inch Nails - "Right Where It Belongs v2" - from With Teeth
While a version of this is on the domestic release, this version was only available on UK copies of the album. I think this is tolerable for those not balls deep into Nine Inch Nails.
I think.
As always, I'm way too close to tell for certain.

18. Washed Out - "A Dedication" - from Within and Without
The perfect ending. Or not.

19. The Flaming Lips - "All You Need Is Love" - from The Terror
This is sort of a hidden track off the album (even though it's not technically on the album) and I know it's a bit of a cop out, but you've earned something familiar.

* Except for The Next Day, which was purchased at the last open HMV on Earth, located in Cardiff, Wales.